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History of Wado-kai

Wado-kai is the style of Japanese karate founded in 1934 by Prof. HIRONORI OHTSUKA (Meijin Judan – Black Belt). Wado-kai is one of the four major style of Japanese karate. The other three are Shotokan, Gojuryu & Shitoryu.

Full Name of the style is WADO-KAI Karatedo

’Wa’ means peace or calm.‘Do’ means way. ’Kai’ means organization or clubWado-kai is different from other style because Ohstuka Sensei taught students to use Taisabaki (body shifting) & Nagashi (evasion) which evade the full force of an attack.

At the same time they position the body for a counter attack. Master Ohstuka included in his new syllabus Jiyu Kumite (free fighting technique) he has developed Idori-no kata (kneeling defense),Tanto-dori (knife defense) & Tachi-sword (sword defence). The ultimate goal of Wado-kai is to develop a peaceful yet fully aware mind that is able to react to any situation.

Founder of WADO-KAI Karatedo:

Wado-kai karate was founded by Prof. Hironori Ohstuka (Black Belt 10th degree 1892-1982)



Renshi Stanly Cruz

The Late Renshi Stanly Cruz is the Founder of Wado Kai in India. Back in the early 1970s, when he was employed in Air India, he was also a dedicated Body Builder. He won several Laurels and Honours such as prestigious Body Building Championship titles like ‘Mr. Bombay’, ‘Mr. Maharashtra’, ‘Most Muscular Man of Maharashtra’ to name a few. Apart from the Herculean task of building a big, strong and muscular body, he was also learning Karate in Mumbai at the same time, making his body not only strong, but also a flexible and lethal weapon.

Renshi Stanly Cruz was the first Karate Teacher in India to hold a Cultural Visa, and in 1976, he moved to Japan to learn JKF Wado Kai Karate under the Late Hanshi Toru Arakawa. Among his fellow Teammates at the time, were multiple-time WKF and JKF Champions like Seiji Nishimura, Toshiaki Maeda, Murasai, among several other such giants. In the time he spent training in Japan, he attended and benefited from several JKF Karate Seminars, and achieved proficient mastery over Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Following this, in the early 1980s, he brought great pride to his nation by bagging the Silver Medal at Kumite, in the highly distinguished Japan Championship.

In 1982, he commandered the reins of fate and brought JKF Wado Kai to the shores of India. Having established his name in the history books of the world, he went on to establish and spread the teachings of Wado Ryu Karate in the Southern and North-Eastern parts of India. Under the proud banner of ‘Arakawa Stanly Wado Kai India’ were created, several Karate Warriors and Champions at all levels including District, State and National levels in India.

He is fondly revered and remembered not only for his pioneering feats in Karate, but also his abundance of knowledge and applied wisdom. In his own words, “A Maths teacher teaches Maths. A Science teacher teaches Science. A Karate teacher teaches Life”, is synonymous with how he lived as a prime example.

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Brought from Japan to India by the Late Renshi Stanly Cruz in the early ‘80s, our dojo has created several Champions over the years at the District, State and National levels. It is currently headed by Sensei Donald Tyson, 5th Dan JKF Black Belt.

We have several branches in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, apart from branches in other States, and we are steadily expanding our reach throughout India. We are affiliated to the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) and have produced the highest number of JKF certified Black Belts. We are proud to announce that the youngest JKF Black Belt holder in India is from our Academy.

We are proud to say that we are the only indian karate school to be recognised and featured in the JKFan Martial arts magazine and JKF wadokai website. Our teams regularly visit the Honbu (Headquarters) Dojo in Japan to represent us, be it for training camps, belt tests, or other examinations. This keeps our teams up-to-date with the training received directly from the JKF Headquarters. We are happy to bring that knowledge back here to India where our students can benefit and grow from it. We also conduct Women’s Self Defense Workshops and Corporate Training Sessions.

For the first time in Indian history, Arakawa Stanly Wado-Kai india hosted the prestigious Nishimura Cup & Seminar here in Chennai on October, 2019.

Sensei Donald Tyson

5th DAN JKF Style Chief of WADOKAI In India.


Sensei Donald Tyson started training in Karate at the very young age of 2, at the capable hands of his father, the late Renshi Stanly Cruz who was the founder of Wadokai in India. Sensei Tyson went on to receive his black belt at the age of 5. At the age of 13, he received his 1st Dan Black Belt from the Japan Karate Federation, becoming the youngest person in India to receive a black belt from the JKF, and also won the Gold Medal at the Tokyo Cup.

Successive grading were quick to follow, with him securing his 2nd Dan at the age of 14 and the 3rd at the age of 21. He also won Bronze medal at the WADO WORLD CUP in which 48 countries participated, becoming the first Indian ever to do so. He then received his 4th dan JKF at the age of 26 and the 5th dan JKF at the age of 28, becoming the the youngest JKF Black belt holder in the world. He holds the honor of being the youngest JKF Instructor and certified Examiner. He has also won numerous Karate events at the District, State and National Levels in India.

Apart from his father, sensei Tyson has also received extensive personal training from Sensei Koichi Shimura, special training in the art of Kumite from Sensei Toshiaki Maeda, and training in JKF Wado Ryu Kihon and Kata from the late Hanshi Toru Arakawa. He is now the youngest Style Chief of Wado Ryu in India.

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Team WADO-KAI India

Sensei Donald Tyson

5th Dan JKF

Chief of Arakawa Stanly WADOKAI India.

Sensei N.K. Suresh

5th Dan Black Belt

Chief Instructor Of Tamil Nadu

Sensei Babla Jamal

5th Dan Black Belt

Chief Instructor Of Assam

Late Sensei Shamnad Mohammed Illiyas

5th Dan ASWKI Black Belt

Chief Instructor Of Oman

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